Message from the Managing Director

Human Resources management at Côte d'Ivoire Terminal reflects the Company’s desire to recruit talents in all departments and assist employees in their development, through the promotion of diversity and social inclusion.

The Company also focusses its efforts to ensure compliance with ethics in its recruitments, and is committed to fight all forms of employment discrimination.

We work to create a pleasant and stimulating work environment for our 450 employees, encouraging them to give their best. In this regard, the recruitment and integration of our employees is conducted in conformity with policies as well as fair and transparent processes.

Côte d'Ivoire Terminal strives to promote the feminization of all jobs by ensuring professional equality between female and male employees. We promote gender diversity within all departments and in particular the technical department and support all initiatives promoting women’s employment.

In order to attract the best young talent and retain them, our traineeship policy is based on excellence, in line with our culture and values. Thanks to our partnerships with schools and various organizations, we are at the forefront in recruiting the best young talent.

We support the economic development in Côte d'Ivoire and the sub-region, with dynamic, multicultural and professional human resources.

Our HR policy

Côte d’Ivoire Terminal’s Human Resources Management policy is focussed around five key elements: administration, skills development, labour relations, human resources management, diversity and social inclusion.

The Company is integrating aspects related to ethics in particular. Côte d'Ivoire Terminal is therefore committed to fight all forms of employment discrimination, whether based on name, geographical origin, social origin, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, morals, family status, genetic characteristics, political opinions, trade union or mutual organisations’ activities, religious beliefs, physical appearance, health condition, pregnancy, etc. This approach is warranted through transparent processes that are free of any conflict of interest.

Our values

The achievement of our sustainable performance benefits from focus on strong values and a long-term vision.

This is achieved through respect of our Company values;



We are respectful of others and grateful for everyone's contribution.



We demand the best for our clients and aim to constantly improve.



We move forward resiliently and boldly to meet challenges.



We contribute to the development of the communities around us, through responsibility and commitment.


Agility & innovation

We pay attention to change and have the ability to adapt and be bold to create value


Stage & Alternance

To attract the best young talent and promising profiles, in line with our culture and values, we have set up partnerships with schools and institutions that allow us to be at the forefront in terms of recruitment of only the best young talent from schools.

Once joined Côte d'Ivoire Terminal, these trainees become dynamic resources that bring a fresh look on our activities and promote innovation.

Within the Company, we offer to trainees the possibility of testing their potential by assigning them missions with real responsibilities and learning value. In this context, if the experience proves positive, the trainee becomes a new recruit and is ready to work with our internal tools and processes.

Traineeships offer essential pre-recruitment opportunities. It is therefore important to support students as they develop their skills, in particular by encouraging their integration, the taking up of a new job and assisting them in the fulfilment of their duties. It is particularly important to provide them with regular feedback, in order to assist them in their professional development and help them grow in the Company.

To create a young talent pool, the evaluation of trainees and work-study program participants is crucial in order to have feedback on the candidates’ experience and to be able to contact them in case of relevant opportunities. This evaluation is reciprocal.

Through this approach, students we welcome are able to transform their "traineeship experience" into an opportunity of continuous improvement.

Travailler à Côte d’Ivoire Terminal

At Côte d'Ivoire Terminal, the recruitment strategy all focusses on ensuring that we meet objectives and deal with challenges of the industry. It contributes in a decisive way to the Company’s performance by onboarding the best profiles, embracing our culture and our values.

Well programmed recruitments intend to reinforce the teams and are conducted in compliance with the Labour Code provisions. Recruitment and onboarding is conducted in conformity with fair and clear policies and procedures.

The Human Resources Department is in charge of the recruitment process and defines the needs in consultation with others involved in the recruitment. The business unit heads communicate their needs both internally and externally, using the most appropriate media to ensure transparency in the process.

This selection process guarantees equal opportunities for all profiles. We firmly believe that diversity in the Company is a source of productivity and creativity.

The selection of profiles is carried out in a totally transparent manner, using evaluation tools that allow us to understand 3 main elements:

  • Capabilities
  • Technical and behavioral skills
  • The candidate's motivation


Career management at Côte d'Ivoire Terminal is based on the establishment of career committees. These committees calibrate the individual managerial assessment carried out during the annual interview, with the collective assessment of the employee's performance. Such joint assessment and calibration warrant a better evaluation of the employee and provide ground for a better career orientation. The content of this cross-analysis enables the Company to anticipate the employee's evolution within the organization and establishes adequate succession plans, as well as the development actions to be implemented.

This approach favours a progressive evolution for all employees and encourages their full development within the Company.

Our staff experience

Fully qualified staff are committed to the growth of the Company, through the continuous improvement of our services. Let's share our collaborators’ experience…


Manager, Technical & Computer Operations

I am responsible for coordinating the implementation of all components of the technical IT infrastructure, needed for the operational well-functioning of the terminal. This involves managing the interfaces in order to provide the site with communication networks, wired network, Wifi, and monitor the effectiveness of the data center, in support to host all our IT solutions. I also ensure the deployment of the ecosystem of resources and systems that interact with operating equipment, such as: handling equipment, tablets for operators and all computer systems used at the terminal.

The deployment of CCTV (Closed-circuit Television), and access control, is part of my job and efficient use will go a long way in making sure that Côte d’Ivoire Terminal complies with ISPS (International Safety and Port Security) regulations.

This adventure is a beautiful and rich experience that deserves our daily efforts. In view of the objectives and the stakes for the economy of our country and the sub-region, our commitment remains total.

I am proud to belong to this dynamic and talented team !

Guillaume N’ZI

HSE Coordinator

I am the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Coordinator in charge of implementation of our HSE policies. My role is to identify, evaluate and monitor all professional risks related to: working conditions, safety of people and equipment and environmental protection. My main challenge is to ensure that efficiency, productivity and safety go hand in hand. For this purpose, I must raise awareness and integrate the HSE culture into the daily life of the Company's stakeholders, through various actions: training, information and awareness-raising. My responsibility is also to communicate and convey information in a structured manner by taking into account language barriers, and reduce risks by analyzing each activity carried out on the site in order to propose preventive and corrective actions when and where needed.

Finally, as HSE Coordinator, I have to ensure alertness of all in order to intervene efficiently in case of unexpected events.

Ramanou Taju

Shift Manager

My mission as Shift Manager consists in implementing work strategies to ensure a best level of customer satisfaction. In my duties I focus on respecting delivery times, increase equipment productivity, ensure timeliness of operations and respect of operational commitments towards the customers.

I am mainly responsible for running an efficient operation during my shift. I make sure that operations are performed properly in accordance with the expectations of Customers and the Company, while ensuring good working conditions for employees.

As a Shift Manager, I implement immediate corrective actions in case of any unforeseen circumstances, and manage the human and material resources allocated to each shift. As employees’ health and safety is the absolute priority at the terminal, the Shift Manager ensures that the team is aware of, and complies with HSE rules instructions applicable at all times.

Marième Noba

Head, Operational Support

I could be described as the Operational Risk Controller. My role is to analyze, formalize and measure the risks and impacts of operational processes and ensure, in collaboration with external partners and the Information Systems Department, that the proposed solutions meet the business units’ expectations and the expectations of our Customers.

As the port industry requires innovation, my task as Operational Support Head consists in looking for tools and operating methods, on a daily basis, to optimize both our operations and customer service. I am also responsible for ensuring that the business units’ processes remain at the heart of a global integration process, and result in performance and further automation. The following 5 words best describe my daily role: Design, Modelling, Execution, Monitoring and Optimization.

Wilfried Amalaman

Manager, Continuous Improvement

Performance and service delivery” are the key measurables in my job.

My leitmotiv is to find solutions for a better performance of the Company.

My mission is therefore to ensure in a sustainable way, the optimal performance of the processes of Côte d'Ivoire Terminal in terms of quality, costs and deadlines. By doing so, I bring greater added value to the Customers and the Company.

As part of my mission, I train colleagues on the implementation of the continuous improvement concept as well as on the tools used. It is a long-term process which consists in constantly challenging the organization, without slowing it down.

In close collaboration with the senior Management, I am in charge of identifying areas for improvement! To this end, I rely on collective effort for the benefit of the Company. Monitoring performance indicators and analyzing existing processes and their effectiveness, is part of my daily job.