To attract the best young talent and promising profiles, in line with our culture and values, we have set up partnerships with schools and institutions that allow us to be at the forefront in terms of recruitment of only the best young talent from schools.

Once joined Côte d'Ivoire Terminal, these trainees become dynamic resources that bring a fresh look on our activities and promote innovation.

Within the Company, we offer to trainees the possibility of testing their potential by assigning them missions with real responsibilities and learning value. In this context, if the experience proves positive, the trainee becomes a new recruit and is ready to work with our internal tools and processes.

Traineeships offer essential pre-recruitment opportunities. It is therefore important to support students as they develop their skills, in particular by encouraging their integration, the taking up of a new job and assisting them in the fulfilment of their duties. It is particularly important to provide them with regular feedback, in order to assist them in their professional development and help them grow in the Company.

To create a young talent pool, the evaluation of trainees and work-study program participants is crucial in order to have feedback on the candidates’ experience and to be able to contact them in case of relevant opportunities. This evaluation is reciprocal.

Through this approach, students we welcome are able to transform their "traineeship experience" into an opportunity of continuous improvement.